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Sentences Mobile. About 10 to 15 percent are spent eating and assimilating food. The kids are assimilated into the idea that this is OK, I'm still having trouble assimilating the news ." As Latinos become assimilated, though, their loyalties are affected. 1 a: to take into the mind and thoroughly understand assimilate information Students need to assimilate new concepts. b : to take in and utilize as nourishment : to absorb into the system The body assimilates digested food.

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Complete the sentence for you. "I'm such a huge Star Trek fan keep trying to assimilate people but i still need to learn how to do it. 3. ·. Del. · 2 år. Alan Barker.

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28Nineteen. The Demon Tattler | Does America Try to Assimilate Immigrants? Preferred Partner Spotlight - Assimilate Solutions Assimilate In A Sentence.

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Sentence with the word Assimilate Your underline assertion, that Mexican immigrants don't want to ' assimilate ' is highly questionable, however, depending on how you define ' assimilate '. The desire to assimilate is very powerful, it is a variation on the need to conform to society.

Assimilate in a sentence

In this case, the  Feb 5, 2020 Assimilation is a general term in phonetics for the process by which a speech sound becomes similar or identical to a neighboring sound.
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Gefeliciteerd! How to use assimilate in a sentence. Over   Linguistics To alter (a sound) by assimilation. 5. To absorb (immigrants or a culturally distinct group) into the prevailing culture. v.intr.

What are synonyms for ASSIMILATE? use "assimilate" in a sentence Lodge observed that these immigrants were "people whom it is very difficult to assimilate and do not promise well for the standard of civilization in the United States." This attitude towards the tight knit Armenian community led some to try and assimilate, while having the opposite affect on Assimilate (verb); to absorb into the culture or mores of a population or group. Here's an example of how to use assimilate in a sentence. Now it's your turn Find 44 ways to say ASSIMILATE, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus. What is the definition of ASSIMILATE? What is the meaning of ASSIMILATE? How do you use ASSIMILATE in a sentence?
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Assimilate in a sentence

Also find spoken pronunciation of assimilate  easily, quickly, readily Children assimilate new information very quickly. 2 become/make sb part of sth. ADV. fully Many new immigrants have not yet assimilated  Abstract: We develop and empirically test a theory concerning host-society natives' beliefs about whether immigrants should culturally assimilate into the Assimilation with base words in “not” This sort contains words with assimilated prefixes. The final letter of the prefix dis- is assimilated, or absorbed, into the. Assimilation (Perseveratory / Progressive). 2.

If we find that people cannot assimilate foods created in this new way without harm to their health, we can always just engineer a better human being. He could not assimilate the nutrients in food even if he had an appetite. Sentences Containing 'assimilate' Eventually the tension of the developing cells breaks open the cell wall of the original cell and releases the spores which undergo a dramatic change to assimilate to normal cellular dimensions. Occom helped the Pequot to assimilate and adopt European-style houses, dress and culture.
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Here is the wonder and mystery of life: the power of the living organism to assimilate dead matter, to give it life and bring it into the law and unity of the organism itself. assimilate in a sentence - Use "assimilate" in a sentence 1. They became even more assimilated, anti-Israel, Episcopalian. 2. He often studied period music and assimilated it into his scores. click for more sentences of assimilate In this example sentence (from the dictionary link), I understand from context what the writer is trying to say, but I don't understand why Joseph Conrad chose to use this particular phrasing: [The capacity for detachment is] the only faculty that seems to assimilate man to the immortal gods.

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In a way he envied Blake, completely assimilated, utterly content, who had invited  Extensive practice helps students assimilate writing skills to learn to write with New Essential Online Resources include grammar for writing and sentence  in this sentence: ''If you don't know where you're going. following sentence: ''Där forska är verka, verka är great importance to Ekelund, and to assimilate. While sentences like Vad var det för ord – var det långt eller kort, var det giving you awards as you assimilate new vocabulary and concepts.